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saving for college without going broke
529 plans vS liveiws banking strategies...

Too many Americans pay for college with money that could have gone to finance their retirement and to enjoy more of life’s luxuries..

As an article on titled The Great College Savings Fiasco noted, “Many parents who have invested in 529s, counting on the market to cover the soaring costs of college, would’ve been better off putting the money under their mattresses...  

Simply put, 529 plans don’t live up to the "hype”

The most common methods used by families saving for college for their youngsters include traditional investment and savings accounts, UGMAs (Uniform Gift to Minors Accounts), UTMAs (Uniform Transfer to Minors Act), and 529 college savings plans. 

To understand this change, we'll have to navigate through all the in's and out's of 'Vortex Banking.

Having the Right Team Makes
the Biggest Difference.

Have you looked at the restrictions
on those 529 plans?

If your child decides not to go to college, your money may be locked up
until you're nearly 60 years old... unless you decide to go back to college
and use it yourself. 
You’ll pay hefty penalties for using it for anything besides college classes
You can completely eliminate that sort of nonsense by using one of Our

Infinite Banking Policies as THE 529 Alternative, your equity in your
policy is available to you whenever and for what ever you  want to
use it for. 

The UGMA and UTMA plans have the opposite problem.

With these alternatives to the 529 plan, the money now belongs to the child. You have little control over what happens to it and using student loans saddles the graduate with debt that averages close to $45,000 according to statistics of the class of 2020. That’s a tough way to start out in life. 

You don’t have the risk of loss due to market fluctuations, and you could recapture all of the money you pay in tuition costs and then proceed to use it to finance a TAX-FREE retirement.

Key Concept: Using one of our customized Banking Policies to finance a college education gives you flexibility and many advantages you won’t get with traditional methods of saving for college.

Our Infinite Banking Policies rely on a specially designed, little-known type of dividend-paying whole life insurance policy with specific riders added to it that grow your cash value to up to 100 times faster than a traditionally designed policy. These policies have increased in value by a guaranteed and predictable amount every single year for more than 160 years. In contrast with market-based 529 and other plans, IBC can provide you with absolute certainty how much your plan will be worth on the day your child starts college. 

You’ll never lose sleep wondering what the stock market will do next.  

The bottom line is that The Infinite Banking Concept is about knowing the money will be there when you need it! IBC Allows You to Qualify for More Financial Aid Because your funds are sitting in the cash value account of a whole life insurance policy, they do not count against you in the calculations for financial aid. 


These funds are NOT reported 
as assets on the Free Application
for Federal student Aid (FAFSA).

This means that your chances for scholarships and financial aid are greatly increased. The Last-Minute College Funding Alternative Because of the unique features of Infinite Banking Concept, you may even be able to start funding a college account when your children are in their early teens and still have enough to help out. In addition, the money you take from your 529 alternative plan will be replaced as you pay yourself back, and you’ll be able to use those dollars for retirement, vacations or other financial needs and wants. 

John is someone who didn’t start a college fund early – not until his daughter Micca was twelve. Still, he discovered Our Infinite Banking Policies just in time... Kelly is 14 now. Two years out, when she’s entering college, there’s going to be about $37,000 or so in the IBC policy.

Basically I’ll be paying myself back instead of doing it through a conventional bank. Colleges here are funded heavily by the state, so if she goes to a state college, it’s a good bargain. Even if she goes to our best State school, the tuition is only around $5,000 a year. And during the four years that she’s on campus, the fund will continue to grow.” So even though John started late, his Infinite Banking Policy will still make college possible for his daughter. However, no two plans are alike – yours would be custom tailored to your unique situation. 



To find out how much money you could have for your child’s education – guaranteed – Request your free College Savings Strategy Now! 

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