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Explore the benefits of our infinite banking strategies...

Ways to improve your financial peace of mind.

R. Nelson Nash, Author of the the New York Times Best-Seller " Become Your Own Bank"  emphasizes 5 main features of the concept that can not be ignored.  
1. Allows you to set the "anxieties" aside and rightfully enjoy retirement without worrying about market fluctuations.

2. Bypass greedy bankers and discover a strategy that allows you to finance personal and business expenses without capital risk.

3. What's better than reducing debt and increasing Cash Flow & Savings.

4. Create  the emergency fund that you know you'll need in the future.

5. Prepare to leave a lasting legacy without going broke or living on a tight budget.  

Having the Right Team Makes
the Biggest Difference.

You've Been Swimming 
Against the Current all Along!

When you compare our banking strategies to traditional savings -
and investment methods, you'll quickly understand why we believe  
that the system is rigged. 

Let us ask the question?

Is it necessary to risk your hard earned money in order for it to grow?

That's exactly what conventional wisdom would leave you to believe 
But it couldn't be further away from the truth

Wall Street and their army of tradition financial advisors can continue to insist that if " you just hang in there long enough" you'll eventually come out ahead until they're blue in the face, it doesn't make them right! 
Interestingly enough there have been several recent studies that have uncovered some startling facts about how absolutely wrong they can be. 

Let's take a peek at what was discovered.

Discovery number one: The typical equity mutual fund investor has only earned 3.98% annually for the past 31 years, barely beating inflation by 1.3% while assuming all of the risk.  Just take a look at the current inflation rates and ask yourself, is it worth it?   

Discovery number two: Asset allocation and fixed income investors actually lost when factoring in the cost of inflation (DALBAR2017)
reason, while setting your own terms (if any terms at all).

Discovery number three: A recent survey by the Federal reserve indicated that a sudden expense of just over $400 would force the majority of Americans families to practically beg, borrow or sell something just to cover the recent expense. This is a strong indicator that our debt based monetary system is absolutely rigged and designed to keep the average American family vulnerable and exposed to ongoing financial "set backs".
you are currently just handing over to Greedy Wall Street Bankers!

Discovery number four.  Four out of five mutual funds and investment advisory services under preform the overall market over the long term. 

Discovery number five: Wall street lost more than 50% of the typical investors money- TWICE- since 1999 and soon to be a THIRD. As a result 73% of all baby boomers now believe that they will have to postpone retirement so that they can afford just to get by (AARP Anxiety Index Survey) 

Infinite Wealth Strategists (Liveiws) banking strategies are a proven alternative that can help the average family take back control of their financial future - without the risk. This includes: Stocks, Mutual Funds, Real Estate, Gold and other Commodities, along with Crypto and All Currencies. None of them can provide the peace of mind or guaranteed growth factor that the Infinite Banking Concept can provide by default. Just imagine what's possible with an enhanced policy design. 
Our policies are contractually guaranteed to grow annually by a predictable amount year after year with NO interruptions or hidden tax implications. The best part of these type of strategies is that it also allows us to participate in other investment opportunities using the same dollars at the same exact time. So if you have another investment of "choice"  these strategies will allow you to minimize risk and further leverage the same dollar. 

It makes sense to ensure your income!

Think about it for a second, we ensure our cars, homes and everything else in between. Why haven't we been taught a simple way to ensure our income?  and better yet, why wouldn't we want to ensure as much of our income as possible knowing that there is virtually no risk at all? 


Let's Explore Exactly How Safe our Banking Strategies Truly Are

At Liveiws, our strategist choose to use Dividend Paying Whole Life Insurance products as the "catalysis" to accelerate growth, utilization and overall protection. By doing so we are able to provide multiple layers of protection to each one of our clients. 

1. Life insurance companies are audited regularly by the State3 Commissioner's office (sometimes dozens of States) to ensure they maintain sufficient reserves in order to pay all claims and are on solid financial ground - something that doesn't take place in the "traditional" banking industry! 

2. If an insurance company gets into financial difficulty, or fails to maintain reserves, the state insurance commissioners office can step in and take over the company and run it in the best interest of the policy holders. 

3. Most Life Insurance companies are audited annually by a number of independent rating companies, State Agencies, and or Public Accounting Firms. According to the services the companies preferred by our Wealth Strategist are among the financially strongest and best capitalized life insurance groups in the world.

4. Additional policy owner protections may be available on a State by State basis. 

5. Our Strategist work exclusively with the top rated carriers in the industry! Each one of them are well suited, financially sound and carry the policy holders best interest in the mind for the long haul. 

Still Skeptical? 

We invite you to compare your best savings and investment strategies against any one of our banking strategies! 

If any of this content above stood out or raised any ongoing concerns please take the time to continue your path toward financial freedom.

You can download a FREE copy of the Intelligent Banker below OR schedule a Strategy Session with one of our qualified EXPERTS.




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