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Step 01

Schedule Your Strategy Session

Schedule your Strategy Session with one of our Privatized Banking Experts

On this strategy call, one of our wealth strategists will evaluate your individual needs, discuss the benefits of the program and present a workable solution moving forward. By the end of your first strategy session, you will have discovered the one financial tool that all the wealthy have been using for the last century and a half and how you can also take advantage of the exact same system!

Step 02

Our Strategists Design Your Bank

Break the Bondage and Chains from Creditors
and Traditional Bankers

The Wealth Strategist that you are working with will design and engineer a customized infinite banking policy that will ultimately become the foundation of everything that you do in your financial life. After you review and approve your proposal, you will move onto the Application Process, where an Application Specialist will be assigned to you.

Step 03

We Create Your Financial Map

Our Financial Mapping Strategist will assist you in evaluating the current state of your finances, what your unique goals are and how best to go about achieving them. Once this information is gathered, they will produce a Financial Road Map that will be a guide to reaching your financial goals. They will help you identity potential pitfalls, stumbling blocks and areas where there is money to be saved and recaptured. With the IWS MAPPING STRATEGY, you will be able to see the EXACT day you will be det free, the length of time and money you saved along the way. You will have crystal clear picture of the tax-free income they have helped you acquire for your retirement and for future generations.

Don’t wait until it’s too late before you realize how important it is to learn how to manage your money. Learn how to break the Bondage and Chains from Creditors and Traditional Bankers TODAY!

Step 04

Protect Your Assets & Grow Your Wealth

Own Nothing, Control Everything

We are the Global Leader in Asset Protection. We have proven strategies to protect your assets and wealth in a “titanium vault”. With our copyrighted financial instrument, your assets will be protected from lawsuits, judgments, divorce and will bypass probate and estate taxes. You'll also be able to avoid capital gains when purchasing or selling Real estate as well as defer income tax in perpetuity. Speak with your Wealth Strategist to see if you qualify.

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