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Urban Legend or A Hidden GEM? 

Revealing the Shocking Reality Behind Dividend- Paying Whole Life Insurance and Why You Need to Take a Series Look.

Having the Right Team 

Makes the Biggest Difference.

If you have spent any time at all exploring the vast world of financial services, rather that be casually browsing the internet or eagerly trying to turn over every stone, it is a safe assumption that you have heard a thing or two about Dividend Paying Whole Life insurance. 

Just like any particular topic in the twenty first century it is hard to cut to the chase and decipher the difference between fact and fiction. 

For that reason, we are going to reveal the top six misconceptions pertaining to Dividend Paying Whole Life insurance. 

Now, before we get to far down the rabbit whole, we want you to understand that we approach this topic from a completely different perspective than your average run of the mill life insurance agent. You see, Infinite Wealth Strategist participates in Asset Protection and Wealth Management and strongly advocates for the security and multiplication of money.

By the time you finish reading this article, you will completely understand why our Strategist are so drawn to Dividend Paying Whole Life insurance and why they choose to use this “unique” financial vehicle as the catalysis to their Wealth Building Strategies. 

Misconception No.1:  The Cash Value Grows Too Slow. 

Unfortunately, it is easy to fall under the misconception that all whole life insurance is cut from the same cloth.  In reality the product has been around for the last century and half and upon first glance it appears dated, out of touch, unreliable and completely irrelevant in today’s day and age.  

Never Judge a Book by Its Cover.

The fact of the matter is that you will not find another Time Tested “Titan” in the financial world that has the ability to offer a combination of unrivaled advantages such as Guaranteed Growth, Liquidity, Safety, Control, and the unique ability to keep the IRS out of your back pockets.

So, why do so many financial pundits claim that there is no place for whole life insurance? Great question, perhaps it is because they are looking at whole life insurance through the lenses of an insurance agent, focusing on death benefit rather than cash value growth. As I mentioned earlier, our Strategist approach this topic from a completely different perspective. 

We understand that as times have changed so has Dividend Paying Whole Life insurance. Carriers have now introduced dynamic policy riders that allow us to produce a policy that Accelerates and Maximizes Cash Value Growth, Utilization, and Death Benefit over the course of time. These modern additions have transformed Dividend Paying Whole Life Insurance from being boring outdated paper weights to highly sophisticated financial management tools.

And we have mastered the craft!

Misconception No.2: The Commissions in a Whole life Policy are “too high.” 

This one may just be our favorite misconception of all time. You see, the irony here is that if the dividend paying whole life policy is constructed properly its sole purpose should be for the benefit of the policy holder and not the agent. 

Remember, as mentioned above insurance carriers have introduced these game changing policy riders that literally have the ability to transform something slow and old into a modern-day cash machine. However, to accomplish such a spectacle a price has to be paid somewhere along the lines.

Lucky for you the agent typically pays the “price”. In fact, most agents take up to a 70% pay cut in order to deliver the best option for their clients.  You see, though the policy riders provide a tremendous amount of value to the client they in return pay very little commission. 

So, who is screaming the loudest about these “high” commissions? 

Great question. Let us shift the spotlight on over to are associates that pride themselves as being “Stockbrokers” and “Money Managers”. You see, we think it is ironic that a group of professionals that generally make ten to fifteen times more than a Strategist that offers a super charged Dividend Whole Life Policy, are screaming the loudest about “high” commissions. 

The real reason more financial pundits and self-proclaimed gurus refuse to entertain these policies is that in all actuality the commissions are to low! 

Misconception No.3: You should buy term insurance and invest the difference instead. 

It is safe to assume that if you have come across this little tidbit of advice than you also know exactly who Dave Ramsey is.  I mean, Dave literally coined the phrase “buy term, invest the rest.”

Is this sound advice? 

            Great question, is it?

According to Dr. David Babbel, a notable Professor at the prestigious Wharton School of business, he emphasizes that there appears to be one fundamental flaw. Simply put, “people don’t buy term and invest the difference. They most likely rent the term, lapse the policy and go on to spend the difference.” He also goes on to state that he himself has never met a single person that actually bought a term policy, priced the cost of a permanent policy with an equivalent death benefit, and then put the difference into an investment account every month. 

Think about it, Dr. Babbel is making a strong point.  The less practical something is the less likely it will be applied and adhered too. 

Did you know that statistically 90% of ALL Term Policies go on to expire or lapse with NO death benefit ever being paid out to the policy holder. So, though Term insurance is appetizing to the consumer and to the likes of Dave Ramsey, statistically, it is nothing more than another expense to add to your family’s monthly budget. 

So, this brings us to the next question, invest into what? 

Is there another financial vehicle out there that offers the same peace of mind as term insurance while simultaneously providing the additional perks such as Guaranteed Growth, Liquidity, Safety, Control, and the unique ability to keep the IRS out of your back pockets. 

Misconception No.4: The Insurance company “keeps” your cash value and “only” pays you the death benefit. 

The financial experts often complain that the insurance company “only pays you the death benefit and keeps your cash value” when the policy owner dies. 

Technically that is somewhat true, however you also have to understand that a properly designed policy is constructed in such a way that every time a dividend is issued, or premium is designated toward Paid-Up Additions three things happen: 

 1. Cash Values increases. 

 2. Utilization increases. 

 3. Death Benefit increases. 

That’s right Death Benefit increases, which go on to be paid out to your beneficiaries and further leveraged to live life on your own terms. THIS IS HUGE! 

When considering an Infinite Banking Policy it is important that you identify a Qualified Strategist to help design and implement the Concept and NOT just a Licensed Life Agent that may have heard a thing or two and can “technically” write the policy. 

Every premium dollar should serve a specific purpose in the overall design and be applied in the most efficient manner possible in order to help you achieve success right away.

What puzzles me is that most “experts” interpret whole life insurance as simply whole life insurance.  They fail to take into consideration that not all polices are created equal and furthermore downplay the additional perks such as lifetime uninterrupted growth, utilization, security, tax advantages etc. etc...

Let me ask you a question? If you if have $100,000 of equity in your home and you sell it for $250,000, do you expect to end up receiving both amounts, for a total of $350,000? Of course not. But you did leverage a property to benefit financially right.  Why not leverage your “LIFE” to accomplish the same type of outcome.  I mean, your life is of more value than any house. 

You just have not been taught how to leverage it properly.

Misconception No.5: Dividends are simply “just: a return of Premium. 

Would you rather have them Not returned? 

Of course not, you’ll take the dividend regardless of what the Insurance company technically deems it to be or how the IRS defines the dividend for insurance carriers. 

 The fact it is that you are getting a RETURN, that when applied to your policy will be made available via a policy loan without triggering a single taxable event. As mentioned above it is also purchasing additional Death Benefit that will further go on to be paid out to your beneficiaries without … you guessed it – Not triggering a single taxable event! 

Starting to make a little more sense as it pertains to legacy planning?

If the insurance company deems it to be a return of premium therefore forgoing any tax liability are you winning or losing?

Clearly, you are winning! 

As the policy matures what ends up happening for most clients is that the annual dividend becomes significantly larger than the annual premium paid into the policy. 

Perhaps the uninterrupted lifetime growth should not be so easily overlooked during the infancy of the policy itself.  

Misconception No.6 Only Wealthy People can Benefit from Whole Life Insurance. 

This couldn’t be further from the truth.

 As I mentioned earlier it is important that you find a Qualified Strategist to not only design your policy but to teach you how to leverage and use it to get out of debt, increase cash flow while simultaneously building a tax-free retirement fund.  

If you simply work with an Agent that only writes the policy and collects the check, you’re likely to fail and not be able to see the concept through from start to finish.  

So, just because an Agent has the ability to write the policy does not mean that it’s a right fit. 

Remember, the concept is about Becoming Your Own Banker not simply having a Death Benefit

Did you know that whole life insurance was part of the financial foundation of half the U.S. population around 1900, and one-third of the population in 1950?    

It was common for blue-collar and middle-class families to own these policies. It wasn’t until Wall Street Mastered the Art of Deception and lead people to believe that the only way to make “real returns” was to take “real risks.”  That along with the introduction of the 401K and the excitement of mutual funds carriers found it hard to compete with the glitz and glamour. 


However, there are folks across the country right now that are making 20,30,50K plus every year in dividends derived from a boring old whole life insurance policy. 

Maybe our grandparents knew something we’ve long forgotten? 

There are currently more than than 500,000 people across the country enjoying these benefits today simply because they CHOSE to reject conventional financial “wisdom”

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Are you ready to fire your bank?

Never again will you be in bondage to creditors and big banks!

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