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Are you sitting on a ticking tax bomb? 

Have you ever heard the expression “Nothing is Certain Except Death and Taxes”?

If you’re anything like most of the clients we sit down with, this is not your favorite time of the year. If you are self-employed or own your own business you have to go through pain staking process every quarter. The good news is that it’s the perfect time to show you a number of ways that an Infinite Banking Policy can reduce your tax bill and potentially save you Hundreds of Thousands of Dollars in Taxes over the course of your lifetime...


Here are 5 tax advantages that most people are not aware of:

Having the Right Team Makes
the Biggest Difference.

Tax Advantage #1:
Tax Free Retirement & Savings

We all love saving for retirement in a tax-deferred account

however what direction do you think tax rates are likely to go

in the long run? IS your 401(k)s, 403(b)s and IRAs creating a

massive tax liability down the road for you?

We Think So!
Most EXPERTS that we talk to all AGREE that tax rates will continue to

go up over time. What that means to most of us is that you will

continue to work hard, set money aside to successfully grow your nest.

egg to ultimately end up paying higher taxes, on a

bigger number =  TAX TIME BOMB!

Are you basing your retirement security on variables that you can't control?   


Traditional government-sponsored tax-deferred plans have TWO Key Unknowns.

1. What will the tax rates be during you retirement years?

2. What will your retirement account be worth on the day that you plan to use those funds?

Can you answer either of those questions with any degree of certainty?

If you can’t and most people who save and invest in conventional ways can’t possibly answer these questions...

How can you even call what you have a “retirement or financial plan” It’s no more than a roll of the dice.


To truly get an idea as to how this works we first have to explain to you the two main ways that your Infinite Banking Policy Grows. 

First, you receive contractual guaranteed, pre-set annual cash value increases every single year – even if the market is plummeting out of control.

Second, you have the potential to receive dividends. These dividends aren’t guaranteed; however, the only companies that we write business with have paid dividends every single year for the past 100 plus years. (including during the GREAT DEPRESSION, EVERY RECESSION and EVERY MARKET CRASH)

A Infinite Banking Policy is taxed more like a Roth-type plan without any of the restrictions of a Roth Plan. You pay taxes before you make a contribution based off of TODAYS TAX RATE Vs the Higher Tax Rates Bound for Tomorrow (Remember what all the EXPERTS agree on).With an Infinite Banking Policy you can pull out both your PRINCIPLE and GAINS TAX FREE providing that you follow a couple of simple guidelines.

What if the tax laws change?

They could change the tax laws, just as they could change the rules for all retirement plans, including Roth Plans However, the tax benefits associated with a Infinite Banking Policy is just an extra benefit, even if they disappeared altogether YOU would still be in a position to receive all of the other advantages and guarantees built inside of your Banking policy.


How to Add Guarantees and Predictability to Your Financial Plan...

Would you like to find out how big your nest-egg could grow, guaranteed and tax free when you incorporate a Liveiws Banking Strategy into your current financial plan? Our Agents are highly qualified and trained to custom-tailor a policy to your unique situation, goals and dreams. NO Two plans are alike! If you haven’t already done so Request a FREE, no obligation analysis today.


Tax Advantage #2: Reduce the Taxes You’ll Pay on Your Social Security Benefits!

Most people aren’t aware that you may have to pay taxes on your Social Security Benefits. (SSI) Currently, if a couple withdrawals more than 32k from their retirement accounts or from any other sources of income, 50% of their SSI is immediately taxed. If they Withdrawal more than 44K up to 85% of their SSI benefits are taxed. One of the biggest complaints that we are hearing today among our senior clients who’ve managed to accumulate some assets is that they’re being forced to take the Required Minimum Distribution (RMD) from their retirement or pension plan, once they turn 70 1⁄2 Yes, that’s one of the many strings attached to those government-approved plans! These Minimum Required Distributions (RMD) can trigger higher taxes on SSI benefits but they can also trigger an additional 3.8% tax on net investment income. 

TIP: Don't get tricked into believing that you have control over your retirement funds in your 401(k), IRA or any other Gov't sponsored plan. If the Gov't sponsors IT, they can CHANGE IT whenever they want. That's like playing a Monopoly and the rules can change at any given moment

Solution: Income that you take out of your Banking Policy is NOT included in income totals the IRS uses to determine whether to, or how much your social security check is taxed



Tax Advantage #3: Qualify for More College Federal Student Aid. 

OK, while this may not technically be a TAX Advantage it does provide a benefit. Similar to that we shared with you in tax advantage #2 above, in that funds that are sitting in the cash value account of your Banking Policy does not count against your kids when they apply for federal student aid.

These funds are not reported as assets on the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) form, which means your chances for scholarships and Federal Student Aid are higher. Set up a 2ThinkCeo policy for your children early on and be in a position to Completely Finance their OWN Education, allowing them to walk away with a college degree without the Life Long Heartache of STUDENT LOANS!


Tax Advantage #4: Tax Benefits for Business Owners


More and more of my clients are using their Banking Policy to Fire their Banker and Become their Own Source of Financing for ALL of their Business Needs: Car's, Equipment, Office Buildings, etc.... When you finance business expenses this way, you can qualify for tax deductions for interest and depreciation. Plus, it lets you RECAPTURE the interest you’d otherwise pay to banks and other financial institutions.


Tax Advantage #5:

Take advantage of the same tools that the MEGA wealthy do! 


We speak of the Living Benefits of a Banking Policy so often that we almost ignore one of the most valuable (under-appreciated) benefits of the Policy, which is the Death Benefit. After all, what better vehicle to insure than the one that is set up to provide financial security for you and your family?

1. What happens to your IRA or your 401(k) if you were to die prematurely?

2. Does it create a massive tax liability?

3. Does it leave your legacy vulnerable to finance vultures?

4. Will it be enough to continue to care for your survivors?


In a Properly Structured Banking Policy, the Death Benefit continues to grow by an Exponentially Increasing amount similar to the Cash Value. This under-appreciated Death Benefit is likely to be much larger than the amount that you had managed to save up, to begin with. Within a Banking Policy, these funds immediately Bypass Probate and are transferred to your loved ones/favorite charity all INCOME TAX-FREE.

The Ultimate Retirement Plan Alternative....

Did you know that the Infinite Wealth Strategist approach to Wealth Building has never had a losing year.

Used by Walt Disney, J.C. Penney and millions of other people across the Country. It has stood the test of time for more than 160 years and nobody has ever lost a penny.                    

To find out how you can grow your nest egg safely and predictably, even when stocks, real-estate and other investments tumble... Simply click the button below to see if you're qualified, request a strategy session above or schedule Strategy Session with one of our Qualified Strategist.


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