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Default "Broken" System

Do you work hard every single day but still don't feel like your finances reflect your efforts? You're not alone! In today’s day and age, America is facing a major financial literacy problem. In fact, over 96% of Americans recently failed a basic financial literacy quiz. With such an alarming statistic, it is no surprise to discover that: 60% of Americans don’t have enough cash to cover a $400 emergency, 53% of student loan borrowers are not making payments, 65% of U.S. households have credit card debt, and close to 87% of Americans have very little to no savings at all going into retirement. This is the result of a broken financial system. A system where up to 75% of your annual income is being directly absorbed by either 3rd party creditors or the IRS.

We have been taught to warehouse our money within the traditional banking system, rely on risky investments for retirement and to finance a lifestyle that we wouldn’t otherwise afford without the use of credit. What if there was another way?

How do you remove yourself from this system?


How do you identify where you are wasting money?


How do you get rid of 3rd party debt and never have to finance another purchase?

Elect to be part of a different system

Having a solid plan for your money is often more important than how much you are making!

YOU NEED A SYSTEM THAT ISN'T BROKEN or corrupted by Wall Street. A system that will keep you in the driver seat and in complete control throughout your lifetime. Think about it: would you hire a factory to produce a product if they didn’t have a system in place? NO, it would be complete chaos!

Being a part of the system means knowing where you’re at so you can GET TO WHERE YOU WANT TO Have you tried to travel to a place you’re never been, without the use a map or directions? NO! Your chances of getting lost are extremely high!

You need a system, a destination and a map to get you there!

Team of Mapping Specialists

Winning Strategy

Our Financial Mapping Strategists specialize in Cash Flow Optimization, a strategy that is going to maximize all earning potential while minimizing all future risks. It’s no secret that most of us spend a significant amount of time, money and effort on getting a job, but pay very little attention to managing the money we make once we have that job. Our Team understands that overall, people want to make good financial decisions that will set them up for success both today and in the future. The problem is that they have never had the opportunity to either learn how to do it for themselves, or have not partnered with the right firm to help pave the way. Our Team will not only help you pave the way but will also take the time to educate you throughout the process.

" It's not about how much money you make but how much money you keep "

Custom Road Map

Our Financial Mapping Strategist will assist you in evaluating the current state of your finances, what your unique goals are and how best to go about achieving them. Once this information is gathered, they will produce a Financial Road Map that will be a guide to reaching your financial goals. They will help you identity potential pitfalls, stumbling blocks and areas where there is money to be saved and recaptured. With the IWS MAPPING STRATEGY, you will be able to see the EXACT day you will be debt free, the length of time and money you saved along the way. You will have crystal clear picture of the tax-free income they have helped you acquire for your retirement and for future generations.

Don’t wait until it’s too late before you realize how important it is to learn how to manage your money.

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