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Discover The Secrets Behind
The Vortex Banking Concept

LiveIWS introduces the vortex banking concept—the future of infinite banking. Picking up where Nash left off, Josh Nelson 2.0 not only exposes the corrupt system and how by using the "idea" of the Modified Endowment Contract  (MEC =/ tax liability) the government has intentionally deterred Americans from fully utilizing or properly leveraging these wealth-building tools. 

With the government overreach that is happening all around us, there has never been a time in history where families need asset protection, as well as a system to legally defer taxes and position their income to grow in a tax-free environment, more than they do now. The vortex banking concept does just that by leveraging two incredibly powerful wealth building tools under one giant cash-flowing Vortex Banking Strategy IBC 's YOUNGER, BIG BROTHER ! 

These proven strategies are being used by business owners, investors, and average people all over the country, and they are spreading like wildfire due to the nature of the economic environment we live in today & the value proposition that these tools bring to the table.

There’s never been a time in history where all people need financial education, the same education that was intentionally stripped from the educational system! 

Click the button below to gain access to a FREE digital copy of the Intelligent Banker, where Truth Speaker ~ Josh Nelson  WALKS YOU THROUGH  a simple case study where he reveals just a glimpse of the real potential behind your standard run-of-the-mill whole life insurance policy when you bring your own tax shelter to the table. 

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Build, Grow, Leverage & Protect.

If you want to Build, Grow, Leverage and Protect your family’s legacy, then you need to learn more about Why.. we are so excited to introduce, to all-of-you HOW bringing your own tax-shelter to the table, allows "skilled"  producers the opportunity to unlock the maximum potential behind the Banking Concept

We have discovered the Key that unlocks the real potential that can 100X the value proposition that these standard whole life policies bring to your estate.

Click on the link above and receive A  Free digital copy of The Intelligent Banker" , where `Josh Takes one of his mentors (Nelson Nash) concept, and brings it up to date with our current economic environment - 

Taking more than just IBC into consideration. 


Never again will you be in bondage
to creditors & big banks!

Unlock Potential

Unlock Your True Potential!

You will quickly discover that Liveiws does not fall in the "sales " category in the slightest.  Though we have licensed insurance producers apart of our team, none of them view themselves as simply Insurance Agents. In fact, the only insurance line of business we discuss is exactly HOW and WHY we are using these financial instruments as the catalysis to a much larger strategy.


Our Team does pride themselves as , producers, educators, coaches & entrepreneurs all the same. Being entrepreneur driven and cash-flow focused allows us a unique perspective when we take everything into consideration &  engineer one of our Vortex Banking Legacies.  


We are taking the same exact concepts that have allowed us to 100X  our own business model over the last five years , lining up our own service providers and introducing them to you - As apart of Your Team! 


These are the same concepts that  some of the wealthiest families in the Country have been, and currently are using to acquire and hold onto massive amounts of wealth for the last 500 plus years. This is just the first time that you may be hearing about it. 

This is more than just the next "Hot" Strategy, in the financial space - this can also be the mind-set-shift that you have been looking for. An alternative path, other  than what you may have been traditionally taught or lead to be. A solution, something that you will go on to interact and derive value from the with the remainder of your life and beyond in the name of your estate. 

& Protect Yourself.

Problems With Traditional
Banking & Retirement Plans

  • No Principal Protection
  • No Guaranteed Growth
  • No protection from Creditors 
  • No Protection from the Courts 
  • No Protection from the Bank itself.
  • Tax Exposure & Consequences to Heirs
  • Demoralizing  Credit Checks 
  • Excessive Management Fees
  • Taxed Growth
  • & so many other hidden gems. 

Benefits of The 
Vortex Banking Strategy 

  • 100% Principal Protection
  • Contractual - Guaranteed Tax-free Growth
  • Excellent Working Capital Facilitator 
  • Maximum Ownership Control 
  • Maximum Premium Contribution Flexibility
  • No Credit Checks to Borrow Money
  • No Management Fees
  • Protection from Creditors
  • Tax-free Access to leveraged Cash Values.
  • The only Concept that allows pre-tax dollars to be used as premium.
  • Access to a potential dividend that has historically paid out year-after- year for more than the last 100 years. 
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