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Become the Bank

Recapture every dollar you spend

Did you know that when you deposit your hard-earned money into a traditional bank, they use your money to invest and create loans? This earns them BILLIONS per year. How much of these profits do they deposit into the accounts of account holders? Answer: NONE.


By allowing our team of seasoned financial experts to assist in setting up your own bank, you can take the power away from the BIG BANKS!

By Becoming Your Own Bank…

  • YOU CAN earn guaranteed interest on your hard-earned money

  • YOU CAN leave credit checks behind

  • YOU CAN have money immune to lawsuits

  • YOU CAN recapture every dollar you ever spend! (Are you wanting to use reqapture because you have the trademark?)

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Protect Your Assets

Tools for complete financial safety.

Asset protection can be defined as – protecting yourself during GOOD times so that no matter what, you are protected during the BAD times. Our strategies are individually tailored to the client. Because of this, we are able to illustrate how easily they are implemented into their day to day financial lives.


Our financial instruments will give you COMPLETE FINANCIAL SECURITY in all your finances, both professional and personal.

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    Infinite Wealth

    Allow your money to work for you

    By Owning a Banking system and properly protecting your assets you Create a Financial Structure to allow your money to work for you.


    By Owning Your Own Bank and Protecting Your Assets, you have a created a financial structure that allows your money to work for you!

    By implementing and utilizing the financial instruments from IWS, you have taken back CONTROL of your financial health. You have become a one-percenter…where your money works for YOU!


    Welcome to true Financial Freedom!

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      Ready to Privatize Finance, Warehouse Capital & Become the Bank?


      Create It

      Our team of highly trained strategists will create your individually tailored plan...
      FOR FREE


      Fund It

      We will show you the best strategies for funding your bank using just your income.


      Grow It

      Your money begins working for you with guaranteed, tax-free growth.

      Benefits of Bank Ownership

      • Guaranteed Interest on Your Money
      • Access Your Funds Tax FREE
      • Build Generational Wealth
      • Never Pay Interest Again

      Do What The Wealthy Do

      Did you know that 99% of Americans spend all they earn and then supplement using their credit?


      This is what we refer to as “The Trap.”


      Think about the amount of interest you have paid (and will continue to pay) for “renting” money from banks and creditors. Companies give you “retirement plans” that are market driven. Millions of Americans have lost most, if not all of their retirement during market downturns. And then they get charged substantial fees and penalties when they want to use “their” money.


      At Infinite Wealth Strategist, we can teach you the strategies that the one-percenters use and have used for many generations. We will show how you can begin to grow your wealth and leave a generational legacy!

      Interested to know where banks invest a third of their portfolios for guaranteed growth?




      How Walt Disney was able to fund Disney World in Florida?

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